Content Writing

Article & Blog Writing

Content marketing is one of the most effective, financially efficient, and surefire ways to bring in more traffic while establishing your business as an authority.

Think about it…for almost every question or topic you’ve ever searched online, you were lead to an article which you read to find the answer.

Be that business that provides those valuable articles to others.

Put out well-written and informative SEO-optimized content, and readers will come flocking to your site month after month. In turn, your brand, products, and services will be put in front of larger audiences.

This kind of writing can take on the form of general overviews, subject matter focus, explainers, Q&As, and much more.

Knowledge-Based Pieces, Reviews & Guides

One could hardly argue that there are many forms of content out there better served to establish your credibility than reviews, guides, or knowledge-based writing.

When traffic is searching for honest reviews about products, or accurate instructions to complete a certain task, they want to turn to a site that they trust to give them the information they need.

You can be that site that web traffic trusts…further boosting the authority and credibility of your business.

This kind of content comes in the form of guides, tutorials, instructions, training, reviews, comparisons, how-to’s, and more.

Static Webpage Content

As visitors come on to your site, they’ll not only judge your design, but also the words they read.

Visitors want to know who you are, what you offer, how you came to be, and how you can make their lives better.

Make it easy for the traffic that comes to your site to get both the big picture and little details they need to make a decision about the value of your business.

Invest in ensuring that your website is a digital, easy to read document that captures everything potential clients and customers would want to know.

Static webpage content refers to non-conversion focused homepages, about us pages, mission statements, FAQs, services, contact, and more.

eBooks & Lead Magnets

eBooks and Lead Magnets are the cream-of-the-crop when it comes to providing in-depth information absolutely packed with valuable knowledge.

If you can offer your potential (or current) clients or customers information this deep, they’ll remember it and consider your business as the go-to in your niche.

You can either sell eBooks as a standalone product or use them as lead magnets to provide high-value to customers and gain their trust before offering paid-for services.

eBooks and Lead Magnets refer to longer content projects (often 5,000 – 10,000+ words) that require deep research to the level of developing an expert viewpoint on your subject, ongoing collaboration throughout the life of the project, and hefty editing work to nail down its clarity.



Advertorials are a sneaky form of direct response copywriting that do a great job of getting readers to take a certain action.

In short, they are direct response pieces disguised as articles (or “editorials”) which usually funnel readers into a more developed sales page once their interest is piqued.

Using advertorials is a solid way to get traffic interested in their problem your service or product is solving without directly selling it to them, but rather offering information first.

Homepage & Landing Page Conversion Copy

Your homepage or landing page is often the first place a potential customer will visit when they land on your website.

And while landing pages are almost always conversion-focused, homepages on the other hand may not be. But they definitely can, and should be if you’re looking to drive your traffic into taking a certain action once they visit.

Conversion-focused homepage copy is different than general homepage content in its focus on direct response rather than being purely informative.

Landing pages are the same way – urging visitors to take an action utilizing copy along with design suggestions.

Product Descriptions

Every product or service you offer should have its own dedicated description.

Besides the info people want to know about your company, they also want to know the details of the individual products you’re offering.

Product descriptions are shorter (than full-blown sales letters or landing pages), impactful, and to-the-point while ensuring prospective customers know exactly what they’re getting from your offer.

They can also be used to boost your SEO in addition to taking advantage of direct response techniques within the description to drive sales.

Sales Pages

These grand projects sit “on the top of the mountain” when it comes direct response copywriting.

If you’re specifically looking for a type of copy that converts leads into paying customers at the highest rates, then look no further than sales pages.

Sales pages differ from landing page and conversion-focused homepage copy in their length, depth, and the amount of heavy research that goes into creating them.

Sales pages are often a dozen or more pages long, with the sole purpose of selling a very specific product or service to your target audience at maximum conversion rates.