Rates & FAQs

Article, Blog, Static Content, & eBook Rates

Length & Wordcount

Very Short

(Up to 500 Words)


(750 Words)


(1,000 Words)


(1,500 Words)

Very Long

(1,800 Words)


 (2,000+ Words)

Articles & Blogs$200$230$250$375$450$50 per 200 Words
Knowledge-Based Pieces, Guides & Reviews$220$270$350$500$580$65 per 200 Words
E-books & Lead MagnetsN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A$70 per 200 Words
Static Web Page ContentN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A$250 per Page


Articles & Blogs refer to any standard content you want published on your website (or another’s) as a blog or guest post. These formats can include everything from general overviews, subject matter focus, Q&As, explainers, and more. 

Knowledge-Based Pieces, Reviews & Guides refer to more in-depth content including instructions, tutorials, guides, trainings, reviews, comparisons, and more. 

Static Website Page Content refers to about us pages, mission statements pages, services pages, FAQs pages, contact pages, and more.

eBooks & Lead Magnets refer to longer eBook projects that require deep research to the level of developing an expert viewpoint on your subject, ongoing collaboration throughout the life of the project, and hefty editing work to nail down its clarity.

Direct Response Copy – Landing Pages, Advertorials, Product Desc.

Descriptions Rates

Type of Copy Investment
Advertorials $0.75 per word
Product Descriptions $0.60 per word
Conversion Homepage/Landing Page Copy Starting at $1,500
Sales Letters Starting at $2,500


Advertorials refer to any sales articles with the purpose of masking direct response copy as an editorial to drive readers to take a certain action. 

Product Descriptions refer to any shorter form descriptions of an individual product or service with the intent of selling it. 

Homepage/Landing Page Copy refers to copywriting for website homepages or landing pages to sell your product or service, including image and design suggestions. 

Sales Pages refer to full online sales pages (often a dozen or more pages long) with the purpose of generating sales through full promotion strategies. 

Hourly Services Not Included in Fixed Fee Pricing

– Audio or Video Meetings after Initial Consult are $30 per 15 minutes

My initial consultation is provided completely free for you. If you require me to attend additional audio or video meetings after that, there will be an hourly charge in increments of 15 minutes. (Please note, for copywriting projects I offer an extra project kickoff call for FREE, on top of the initial consultation).

– Using Products or Services to Write Content is $30 per 15 minutes

If you require me to personally use your product or service in order to write about it, there will be an hourly charge in increments of 15 minutes. 

– Undergoing Specialized Training or Instruction is $30 per 15 minutes

Any kind of training, including instructions, tutorials, courses, etc. I need to undertake for me to develop specialized knowledge regarding your projects will require an hourly charge in 15 minute increments. 

– Review Video or Audio Content to Write Projects is $30 per 15 minutes

Text-based research is included in fixed-pricing for me to create the absolute best end-products I can for you. However, if you require me to review video or audio content as part of this process, there will be an hourly charge in 15 minutes increments. 

– Uploading Content to Content Management System is $30 per 15 minutes

Requirements to upload your projects directly to any content management system are charged at an hourly rate in 15 minute increments. 

Other Services Not Included in Fixed Fee Pricing

– Rushed Work for a Faster Turnaround is an Increased Rate Proportional to the Project

I am open to, and usually have the capacity to quickly complete content writing projects within a few days. However, there will be an increase to the rate which will be fair for the project being done. 

– Increasing Word Count After Submission is a Fixed Rate Increase to Equivalent Pricing Range

Once in a while, a client will ask me to increase the wordcount if they want more depth, or to expand on certain areas after the work has been delivered. In this situation, the rate will increase to the minimum per word rate listed in that project’s pricing row. For example, if I turn in a blog post of 1,000 words and you’d like 300 more words added, this would be the listed rate for 1,000 words + an additional $0.25 per word for 300 words. 

– Extra Requests for Revisions Beyond First 2 is 15% of Original Price for Each Request

The first 2 rounds of revision are included absolutely free for you in my fixed-pricing. However, if you do require more revisions, or I deem your revision requests “unreasonable” (at my discretion, meaning if your communication was not clear or I have to rewrite major portions) then there will be a percentage charge of the original price for each revision.

– Sourcing Stock Images from Fee-Paying Sites is $15 + Cost of the Image, per Image

Requests to source stock images from sites that cost money are $15 + the cost of the image, per image. 

– Sourcing Stock Images from Free Sites is $15 per Image

Sourcing free stock images for your project is a flat $15 fee per image.

– Capturing Screenshots of Websites or Products is $15 per Image

Gathering screenshots of portions of websites, services, or products is $15 per screenshot – basic editing and annotations are included. 


FREE Services Included With All Projects

– Initial Consultation is Free

– Unlimited Text-Based Communication is Free

– Guaranteed 24-hour Responses are Free

– 2 Rounds of Revisions to Content are Free*

– Learning Your Business & Audience is Free

– Text-Based Topic Research is Free

– On-Page SEO Optimization is Free

– Including Links, Quotes, Citations and Stats is Free

– Basic Keyword Research for SEO Efforts (on request) is Free

– Meta Descriptions (on request) are Free

– HTML Tagging (on request) is Free

*Free revisions must be requested within 7 days of turning in the completed work if desired.

FREE Services Included With Copywriting Projects

– Additional Project Kickoff Call (After Consultation) is Free

– Research on your Business is Free

– Competitor Research & Analysis is Free

– Complete Buyer Persona Development is Free

– Product/Service Research is Free


Custom Monthly Retainer Options

I offer custom monthly retainer options to clients I’ve built trust with, if they choose to go this route. For monthly retainers, we’ll specify what you’ll need month-to-month, and build a custom plan with a fair price that satisfies those needs. 

By becoming a monthly retainer client:

  • You’re guaranteed a spot with me for the entire month
  • You’ll receive discounted services in bulk
  • You’ll have 4 optional 20-minute calls a month for free
  • You’ll receive sourced photos included in projects for free
  • You’ll receive full content strategy advising for free

Please note: This option is only available to clients I’ve had at least 1 – 2 months to build rapport with. Monthly retainers are usually best for clients who have regular content writing needs and want more time dedicated to their business growth as a whole.

How to Secure Me as Your Writer

  • Please reach out to me as soon as you’re sure what you need. This way I can fit you into my schedule in advance. 
  • Have a solid idea of what you’re looking for beforehand. The more info you have on your project, the more likely I’ll be able to help you out. 
  • Sometimes I have openings in which I am able to bring on a new client within a few days. Reach out and ask how soon we can have a meeting.



This is a truly impossible question to answer, as every individual writer’s fees vary widely. There are beginner content writers who charge $5 for a 500 word blog. While others will charge $600. Copywriting is the same way. You’ll find copywriters willing to write landing pages for $100, while others won’t even talk unless at least $10k is on the table. Hourly rates range from $5 – $1,000.

It makes life easier for the both of us. I’m of the belief that (as far as writing goes) you should know what to expect upfront. Many copywriters and content writers won’t tell you this, but they charge wildly different rates depending on factors other than the length or complexity of the work required. For example, many will charge a PITA (“Pain in the Ass”) fee for clients they foresee as being difficult to work with. Look it up, it’s real!

This is all fine-and-dandy, but if I perceive we probably won’t be a good fit for one another, I’d rather just tell you honestly than charge you an extra secret fee. Plus, you’ll avoid wasting your time setting up a brief or talking on the phone with me if you find my prices aren’t within your budget before doing so. 

While content writing is one of the best tools you have at your disposal to increase traffic and sway potential customers, copywriting creates sales that can be measured more directly. The ROI and measurable data for copywriting tend to be much more clear. If you’re selling a high-end software service for $1,000 for example, it’d only take you 3 – 4 conversions at most to make your investment back, and prove it was worth it. The sheer impact of copywriting work (and its measurability) justifies the larger investment.

You could definitely pay an agency for their copywriting services. Some of the bigger agencies out there have quite a few in-house copywriters. But the vast majority usually sub-contract out the work to freelance writers – like me – and then add on an extra fee to your bill so they ensure they’re making money. 

With that said, there are advantages to using an agency. If you’re running a massive campaign that requires a number of various skill sets while coordinating multiple channels, this is probably the way to go. 

But if you’re mostly in need of content and copywriting services with a few extra skills on the side, your best bet is a freelancer. A freelancer will give you more value for your money and be more focused on your business specifically. Plus, you won’t be paying double the rates so that the agency gets their share – which honestly from their position is the business savvy thing to do. 

Briefing is always helpful, no matter the type of project. In general for most content writing work (excluding static web content), a large brief won’t be required. If we’re writing blogs for example, some info on your goals, audience, tone, and product or service would be helpful. But I can take on most of the research needed.

For static web content and all copywriting projects on the other hand, briefing will be required (don’t worry if you’re not sure how to brief me, I will provide you a questionnaire to fill out in order to get solid info). If you decide to provide me with a brief (which I highly encourage you to do if you want the best results), some things that would be helpful include:

  • Goals
  • Audience
  • Company background
  • Competitors
  • Project type
  • Topic
  • Examples
  • Style
  • Keywords
  • Desired deadline
  • CTAs
  • And resources

No, never. 95% of the time I will write within the wordcount you paid for. In the cases representing the other 5% of the time when I may deem it beneficial to go a bit over the range, you will not be charged extra. 

I’m pleased to say that in all my years of writing I’ve never had a major issue with a client regarding the outcome of my work. With that said, I do offer revisions if there are any sections you’re just not feeling. 

You can help avoid investing in an end-product you don’t like by providing me a detailed brief. Solid briefs allow me to get you exactly what you want on the first draft, 99% of the time. 

At any given time I’m working with a few different clients. With that said, I’m quite selective with the clients I do take on. I want every project to be successful, and everyone I work with to be ecstatic with the results. Sometimes I may be booked, but go ahead and reach out to me regardless. If we both find we’re a good fit, I’ll ensure we establish a relationship and include you in my workflow. All clients who sign with me are priority clients. And you can always expect a response within 24 hours if you reach out.

Yes, contract signing is required before I can begin working. This is not only to protect me, but also you. If there’s ever a case where we’re unsure about what we agreed on in terms of work, we can always refer back to the contract for clarification.

You can pay for my services through Credit or Debit Card (I include this option on my invoice), Direct Wire Transfer, PayPal, or TransferWise. Most services are billed in $USD, but I’m able to convert to local exchange rates for international clients.  Up to this point, I have decided to remain as a sole proprietorship operating under my name. Your invoice will be billed from “Roman Geathers.”

There are countless factors that go into writing rates. A few of these factors include:

  • Experience
  • Skill
  • Demand
  • Turnaround
  • Location
  • And Specialization

In general, the more experienced, skilled, and in-demand a writer is, the more they’ll charge. Professional writers will always have samples, testimonials, and a quality history of past clients.  Each of these factors help justify their rates, and attract ideal clients who can afford them. Rates will also vary by type, scope, urgency, and complexity of each individual project.

Depends on what you mean by “cheaper.” If you’re referring to upfront cost, of course. It’s also cheaper to design your own website, manufacture your own car, or build your own house. But if you’re not a professional in these areas, it’s going to be much more expensive for you in the long run. Your site will malfunction, your car will break down, and your house will require constant repairs. 

Content and copywriting are the same way. When you’re paying for a writer, you’re paying for their time, expertise, years of experience, research, knowledge, past results, and much more. Really, you’re investing in someone else to manufacture your car so it doesn’t break down on the highway next week. 

In financial terms, would you rather spend $100 for a page that only sells 10 – $50 products ($400 profit)? Or invest $1,000 in a page that sells 1,000 – $50 products ($49,000 profit)? Invest in your business wisely, your future self will thank you. 

Turnaround time varies depending on the type of project, complexity, and how busy I am when it’s ordered. It can be anywhere from 3 days for smaller, blog projects, to a month for full-scale website content or sales letters. But for most projects, it’ll almost always be within a week or 2 max. We can also pre-arrange to have content done at regular intervals. In this case, I’ll always have projects to you by whatever date intervals we agree on.

This is really at your discretion. But when it comes to most writing projects, longer is generally better. In fact, there’s a direct correlation between article length and SEO performance. With that in mind I usually suggest aiming for at least 1,000 words in each article.

Copywriting project lengths are much more fluent depending on all sorts of factors that would lead to optimal performance.

No, I do not guarantee search engine rankings. Search engine rankings take months to occur and are dependent on a wide variety of factors beyond on-page optimization and writing alone. Although I incorporate SEO into my writing, that is not my overall field of expertise. There are entire agencies dedicated solely to SEO (with much of this being non-writing, “off-page” work). I’ve certainly gotten many articles ranked in the last few years – but this is not something I promise for any project.

100%. Once the work is both completed and paid for, it’s completely yours. I just ask for the right to use the work (or parts of it) in my portfolio.

I’m currently located in NY. While I do not meet with clients in person, I’m more than happy to meet with clients (or potential clients) over audio or video meetings, and quite regularly do.

Sadly, not many of my friends are dying to hear about the latest B2B article I wrote on some cutting-edge payment integration software. So I don’t talk about it much 😉 But I am more than happy to sign an NDA. I also include confidentiality guarantees during the working process through our contract.

I’m a lot more flexible with payment terms for clients I’ve built some trust with. But for newer clients and one-off projects, I do have some rules:

  • For one-off projects under $300 I invoice 100% of payment upfront before beginning. If the invoice does not clear within 3 days, I cannot guarantee I’ll still have a spot open for you and reserve the right to cancel the project to make room for other requests.
  • For ongoing work with regular clients regarding projects under $300, I invoice 50% of payment upfront, and 50% of payment once the first draft is turned in. Payment is due within 7 days.
  • For all projects over $300 I invoice 50% upfront with 50% upon delivery (due within 7 days of invoicing).
  • For businesses who prefer to be invoiced at the end of the month (with whom I’ve established a solid working relationship with) I am open to discussing last day of month invoicing for all projects under $300 done within that month. *Any individual projects above $300 will still require 50% payment upfront.
  • For retainer clients custom rates (depending on our agreements) will be invoiced 7 days prior to each monthly period for which we are to work together. This payment is due in full upfront for each month. When payment is made, this guarantees my availability to you for the entire month, along with deliverables agreed upon, content strategy consultation, and extra fixed price/hourly services I normally charge for, offered for free. 
  • Please note I am not able to begin working (or guarantee availability in my schedule) until initial payment is cleared on my end.
  • If you’re not able to pay on time, please contact me as soon as you know so that I know when I can expect payment and provide you some leeway.

I reserve the right to add a 2% interest late fee for each month a project is not paid for past the 7 day due date. But I don’t enjoy doing this, and have very rarely had to. So I’ll make sure to reach out to your finance department when payment is due.

Secure Me as Your Business’ Go-to Writer