About Me

So...Who Am I?

Figured you’d probably want to know before deciding to invest in me. Let me first say – conversions and killer content are my #1 priorities.

This means I focus on getting “stuff” done effectively so you don’t waste your time, and instead, get copy that actually converts, and content that’s truly valuable.

I’m well aware you’re not just a business. You’re a person with wants, needs, and goals. Your business is a reflection of this. While on the other hand all of your customers, traffic, and leads are the same…also people with wants, needs, and goals. 

I keep this in mind while using writing, research, and psychology to create you copy (or produce content) that achieves whatever your goals may be.

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My experience includes 4+ years of both content writing and direct response copywriting. The main clients I work with are SaaS companies, Startups, Ecommerce stores, and marketing agencies. For 2 years, I also ran a full-fledged digital marketing agency – Browser Digital LLC – as well. (But I went back to freelance writing full-time…way more fun for me 😉). 

Articles & blogs, landing page copy, sales pages, and email sequences are my jam. But I can also craft up some fantastic pieces for other kinds of writing as well. 

P.S. I’m also an avid hiker, traveler, chess player, history buff, and geography nerd. My current main hobby is learning Japanese & kicking myself while studying Kanji. Let me know if you want to geek out on any of this stuff with me.

Get In Touch

How I Work

Step 1: Agreeing to Scope

Before I begin working with you, it’s crucial that we agree on the scope of the project. This is important for me to understand what you need and when you need it. This way I can ensure it fits into both my skillset & schedule, and give your project the attention it deserves.

If you’re looking to have blogs or articles written, any briefing or information from you is helpful so I can create what your business needs. Same goes for eBooks.

If you’re looking for a copywriting based web content project, I’ll be sending you over a brief as well to gather necessary info.

Step 2: Quote

After getting the necessary information from you, I will put together a quote for the project. I will send you over the quote, with everything it covers. This includes revision rounds, meeting time, incidentals, research, and the writing itself.


Step 3: Signing Contracts

Contracts shmontracts…I know, an “unnecessary evil.” But really, I require contracts for every new working relationship and each new project scope. This is to protect both me and YOU as well. It’s always worth taking a minute just to sign one so that all agreements are set in stone, and can always be referred to.

Step 4: Upfront Payment

(Depending on Project Type)

Projects require 50% payment upfront, with 50% payment upon delivery of the first draft.

I cannot begin working until the initial invoice is cleared

Step 5: Time to Work

With all the previous steps satisfied I can now begin my work on whatever the agreed-upon project may be. For large copywriting projects, we will probably have a few meetings in between the start and the delivery date.

For content writing and one-off projects, text-based communication is appropriate, and I will respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

Work can be turned in to you as a Word Doc or Google Doc.

Step 6: Revisions

For all work, I provide 2 rounds of revisions free of charge, as long as they’re requested within 14 days of me turning in the initial draft.

I prefer to use “track changes” and “comments” for any amends, as this is much quicker and more straightforward than other methods.

Be honest and diligent with your requests. The more effort we both put in, the better your end result will be.

If you want additional revisions after the first 2, there will be an extra cost corresponding to your needs.

Step 7: Final Payment

Once the job is completed, I’ll invoice you the final amount.

My final payment terms are 7 days for new clients and most ongoing clients. If we’ve been working together for a couple of months and established a solid relationship, I’m open to discussing end-of-month payment plans comprising individual projects of under $500 each.

Step 8: Enjoy!!!

At the conclusion of the project, we should both be happy with the results. 🙂